MedConnect and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama Partnership

Blue Cross is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with Alabama-based company MedConnect, a preferred electronic medical record software vendor that will allow customers to submit medical information to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. MedConnect is the first vendor to complete this type of large-scale clinical information exchange for Alabama providers.

MedConnect customers have the option to send electronic medical records to Blue Cross free of charge. This clinical health information can help you, Blue Cross, and our members in many ways. For example, we currently use this information to:

  • Reduce the level of administrative burden and coding required on a claim.
  • Identify patients with clinical conditions who should be enrolled in Blue Cross wellness and health management programs.
  • Improve clinical alerts and information regarding gaps in care.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for manual chart abstractions.
  • Impact performance in physician value-based payment program incentives.

If you have questions about MedConnect, please contact your Provider eSolutions Consultant at or call 205-220-6899.