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We’re Partnering With DrFirst To Put Prescriptions Back Into Patients’ Hands

We’re Partnering with DrFirst to Put Prescriptions Back Into Patients’ Hands

Bring patients back in the prescription loop with text notifications sent directly to their smartphones.

E-prescribing offers many benefits over paper scripts, but it can leave patients wondering where their prescription is and what they need to do next.

To help solve this problem, MedConnect Health is proud to announce that we are offering RxInform from DrFirst functionality to our software users.

RxInform brings the patient back into the e-prescribing loop by delivering personalized information that’s important to them, including:

  • Co-pay and financial assistance information
  • Pick-up reminders
  • Medication education

Medications can only help patients when they take them. RxInform provides an automated patient engagement opportunity to encourage medication adherence needed to improve patient health and outcomes.

RxInform brings patients back into the prescribing process by delivering personalized information to help them overcome barriers to adherence.

When prescribers leverage RxInform:

  • Fill rates rose 11% for patients who received notifications
  • Fill rates rose 20% for patients who engaged with the mobile tool
  • 60% of patients who received a notification engaged with the message shortly after visiting their physicians, and
  • 97% of patients who engaged with the system were satisfied with the experience

Keeping patients informed about their prescriptions is vital to ensure they adhere to their medication regimens. RxInform has delivered meaningful results for patients with diabetes specifically, and studies prove average double-digit adherence improvements across all therapies.

Your patients receive adherence notifications and support via a personalized text after medication is prescribed electronically through our EHR.

Keep your patients connected to the digital prescribing process, deliver more benefits to your providers and practice and enhance your patient engagement strategy with RxInform. With over 100 million patients messaged and a satisfaction rate of over 96%, we know that this is a way to bring new innovative patient-facing capabilities to your providers while supporting improved patient health.

For more information, or to arrange a demo, please reach out to us at (334) 215-3568.