• Diagnosis Specific Care Plans
  • Ability to View BCBS of Alabama Patient Snapshot 
  • BCBS of Alabama HEDIS Reporting
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Interfaces with top lab reference and diagnostics companies (Orders and Results)
  • Customizable Templates
  • Chronic Care Management Module Allows Clinics to Essentially Eliminate the Use of Third-Party CCM Vendors
  • Alabama Department of Public Health (Immunizations)
  • More accurate reporting for Population Health, ACOs and Quality/PI (Promoting Interoperability) reporting initiatives

Practice Management

  • BCBS of Alabama Direct Submission
  • Medicaid Direct Submission
  • Multiple Clearinghouses Supported
  • Access Patient Chart from Charges
  • Ability to View ERAs from Patient Chart
  • Real-Time Insurance Eligibility and Claims Submission
  • Online Patient Statements
  • Drill-Down Reporting
  • Claim Auditing and Tracking Module
  • Streamline Payment and Charge Processing


  • Schedule Appointments Quickly with Customizable Templates
  • Color-Coded Visit Types
  • View Patient Balance and Copay Amount
  • Multiple Provider Views 
  • Appointment Reminder Email

Patient Portal

  • View Patient Care Plans
  • Refill Requests
  • Online Bill Pay
  • View/Update Medications, Allergies, Problems, Medical History, PFSH and Demographics
  • Complete/Forward Electronic Forms
  • View Lab Results and Scanned Images

Check-In Kiosk

  • Streamlines Check-In Process
  • Scan Drivers License and Insurance Cards
  • Display/Collect Visit Copay
  • Patient Friendly
  • Edit Patient Address and Contact Information
Additional Notes:
Third-party fees required for Promoting Interoperability (PI)
*Does not include clearinghouse fees and Updox network faxing charges. 
**Real-time interface with one of the supported lab reference companies. Additional fee may apply.
***Outreach labs and hospital documents (H&P, Discharge Summaries, etc.) to supported hospitals.  Additional fees may apply.
*****Requires monthly payment gateway fee to Authorize.Net