MedConnect and Surescripts’ CompletEPA

Save time and money with MedConnect EHR v2.3

MedConnect is excited to announce the incorporation of Surescripts’ CompletEPA into the MedConnect EHR v2.3 product solution. Take the frustration out of prior authorization. MedConnect EHR v2.3 offers real-time electronic medication prior authorization as part of your e-prescribing workflow. The new functionality allows providers to quickly and easily complete prior authorizations.

MedConnect EHR v2.3 uses benefits data for 225 million insured patients to identify when a medication requires prior authorization. If prior authorization is required, the following information below will be displayed:

  • Patient information
  • Health plan-specific questions
  • Information to electronically request an answer from the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)
  • Real-time prior authorization response

Enjoy the Powerful Benefits of MedConnect EHR v2.3

By eliminating the paperwork, faxes, portals and phone calls, your organization will save time, money and resources. Providers see improved patient engagement. Clinical staff can redirect their time and effort to other critical tasks. And patients can be confident that their medications are approved and received by the pharmacy for fill and pickup.

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