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Interoperability is critical to clients in today’s healthcare technology solutions. MedConnectHealth realizes that patient care extends beyond the walls of the clinic, so we focus on making those resources available within the application.

At MedConnect, our system interoperability is continually expanding. Physicians using MedConnectHealth can access and relay lab results as well as other crucial information for patient care—in real time. Plus, they can further streamline processes and save invaluable time by sharing history and physicals, pathology results, radiology, operative notes, discharge summaries and other documents.

Just as EHR is critical for your staff’s interoperability needs, interoperability is driving the latest, state-of-the-art healthcare technology solutions. MedConnectHealth’s advanced, cloud-based platform enhances and simplifies this connectivity for hospitals, labs, prescribing, immunization registry, and in-house lab/diagnostics.

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